Check this out — Law & Order: SVU Valentines. They’re ingenious. Here are a few.

Well, I’ve been up long enough to check a few away messages, and there are a few distinct types — the overly mushy message to the significant other, the neutral/general happy wishings, the people who are evidently sad that they don’t have someone but try to cover it up, and the people who just let it hang out how upset they are.

For the latter, lighten up, people! The world isn’t out to get you. Believe me, so far I’ve only had one Valentine’s Day when I was involved with someone, so it’s not like I don’t know how it feels. When you air your unpleasant emotions in public, do you REALLY think that will make someone want to be with you?

And for everyone else, have a great day, and I have a big box of candy in my apartment that I can’t possibly finish myself, so come on by if you’d like some!