Well, last night’s Valentine’s Day festivities went very well! Mike picked me up and we went back to his place, first stopping to pick up some groceries. Since I can’t afford ANYTHING at this point in my life, I decided to make him dinner. The only thing on my list that I couldn’t find was mascarpone cheese, which they apparently have in the Fairfield Stop & Shop, but not the Hamden one.

So we went back and turned on American Idol as I cooked. I made insalata caprese (tomato, mozzarella and basil salad), chicken verdicchio (chicken with lots of lemons and marinated artichoke hearts over pasta) and raspberry sorbet with raspberries (which was also supposed to include the mascarpone cheese). And it all came out really well, which I was relieved by.

And Mike got me two things, even though I told him NOT to get me ANYTHING for Valentine’s Day — a new bottle of Victoria’s Secret Pink eau de parfum, which I thought was discontinued, but you can still find online, and tickets to Avenue Q for Sunday! I’m excited for both. And on Thursday we’re going to this fondue place in New Haven that Mike Willis told me about a while back.

So — American Idol. I can’t believe Simon took back those annoying, bitchy Brittendum twins! I’m sure it wasn’t his idea. I did hear that they weren’t put into the final 24, so it would be really sweet if they got SO FAR and were cut off at the very last moment possible. As for favorites so far, I like Paris Bennett and Chris Daughtry….those Rat Pack guys were AWESOME, and I like that guy who sang in one of the twins’ groups that got bitched at by whichever twin it was.

Later, we watched $40 a day, which was focusing on Rome and Florence! I got a few tips for Rome — apparently the best places to eat at are in Trastevere, but I heard that it’s always crowded. And FLORENCE — oh my God, I was so glad to watch it! The whole time, I kept saying to Mike, “That’s near my apartment. That’s near my apartment. Piazza della Signoria that’s the fake David that was covered in scaffolding PONTE VECCHIO oh my god that’s my bridge in the distance!!” Rachael Ray went to Il Latini for dinner, getting only the three bowls of soup (ribbolita, pappa al pomodoro and a beans and rice soup), and THEN went to Acqua al’2 for dessert, getting the assaggi di dolci!

It was a great night.

And now I have to go get measured for caps and gowns among other senior activities, and we’re singing at convocation later today — UGH! I hope we have a place to sit this time.