Last night, Mike and I went out to Friday’s. I’m not a big fan of the place, but we’ve been eating at really nice/weird/decidedly focused places, and sometimes you just want nothing but potato skins, buffalo tenders and burgers with some Sam Adams to wash it down.

Anyways, we were sitting in the bar/lounge area, but it was taking a while for our appetizers to arrive — WAY too long. The waitress kept coming by and apologizing, saying they had a new system and it’s been making the food come out at weird times. Now, I know what I meant when I told guests that we had a new system and we weren’t used to it yet — that’s server vernacular for “I forgot to put in your order and am praying you didn’t notice.”

The food came — good stuff, we even ordered more to take home, which we’re going to eat this afternoon once he gets out of his meeting with his classmates — and then the manager came over, saying that our waitress had told him that we’d been waiting for a long time. He apologized, thanked us for being so nice to her about it, and asked if everything was going okay.

And I found myself giving him a little smile and saying, “It’s nothing a little free dessert couldn’t cure! That Cinnabon cheesecake looked pretty good….”

I can’t believe I said that.

And THEN the manager goes, “Sure! One slice or two?”

Mike and I were stuffed, so we just looked at each other. Then the manager goes, “How about one for now, and one to take home?”

“YES!” we replied. And it came, and it was delicious. We thanked our waitress when she came back, and told her that we both used to be servers, so we’d been there. (STILL, I’m 99% sure she was lying about why it took so long. But it was fine.)

From working in a restaurant for so long and going out to a lot of restaurants lately, I’ve been observing the actions of restaurant employees a lot more closely. The moral of this story? If you’ve been through a mediocre experience, don’t be afraid to ask for a little something, particularly if 1) you’re talking to the manager, 2) you’re a girl and 3) he’s a guy. You never know what you could get for free. 😉