Wow. You have to see this movie. This is completely unlike a Woody Allen film. It’s borderline film noir, and you identify with the evil characters. An Irish tennis player begins dating his rich friend’s sister, while his friend dates an American aspiring actress. The outsiders have the goal of becoming part of the rich family, but they can’t deny their attraction to each other. And I’m going to stop there, because a movie like this is better when you go in knowing nothing about it.

In a nutshell — you’ll be holding your breath the whole time. This is the least Woody Allenesque Woody Allen movie ever. You’ll identify with characters in ways you won’t predict. If I could sum it up with one word, it would be LUCK. Remember that.

And a footnote — I questioned Scarlett Johansson’s decision to go blonde a few years ago, but after seeing this, I can’t imagine her any other way. She looked GOOD.