For my Valentine’s Day gift, Mike took me to see Avenue Q yesterday. And WHAT a SHOW! I’m a bit “eh” on musicals for the most part, especially the cheesy ones (NOTHING can make me sit through Mamma Mia!), but this was one that I wanted to see.

Basically, it’s Sesame Street for adults. A bunch of muppets and real people live on a street in a bad but cheap area of New York, and they go through the beginnings of their post-college lives. The show starts with a recent college grad (named Princeton) singing, “What can you do with a B.A. in English?” It gets crazier from there — the songs at the beginning are the funniest part of the show, with titles like “It Sucks to Be Me” “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist.” Me and Mike’s favorite lyrics: “The internet is great….” “FOR PORN!”

After that, we got dinner at The View at the Marriott, which is the only revolving restaurant in New York. It was a dizzying sensation to see the outside of the room spinning independently from the inside, but you just have to focus on what’s outside. The food was great — I FINALLY got to go to a restaurant that served an amuse-bouche! (It was a tiny cup of split pea and chorizo soup.) Then I had lobster bisque and filet mignon, and a key lime tart for dessert, with a glass of champagne. SO good. I love going out to really nice restaurants, and I’d definitely recommend this place.

As we were eating dessert, the restaurant was revolving around the W hotel — and on the top floor, Mike and I saw the beginnings of group sex! I saw it first and yelled, “Naked lady, naked lady,” pointing to the window….and then we realized that it was THREE women, all various degrees of being clothed, and a man! They went into what appeared to be a shower, or maybe it was just a partition. But they really had no qualms about keeping the blinds open!

Overall, it was a very nice day….a romantic time in the city….GO SEE AVENUE Q. It is absolutely HILARIOUS (I have never laughed so hard at a musical) and it’s so weird and deranged that you have to see it to believe it. Don’t listen to the music or read the lyrics beforehand, though. Except for this little snippet.

Ethnic jokes may be uncouth,
But you laugh because they’re based on truth!
Don’t take them as personal attacks —
Everyone enjoys them, so just relax!