I’m rooting for Mandisa for the girls, and Chris for the guys (with Taylor for pure entertainment value), but tonight, ELLIOT — where have you been?!?! He was awesome!

And another thing: Brenna has been reminding me of someone incessantly, and I haven’t been able to put my finger on it. And now I have it: maybe it’s the raspy speaking voice, maybe it’s the overall demeanor — this girl is Jenna Amicucci!

My predictions for who’s going home this week: Becky (the average get ignored!) and Heather for girls, Patrick and maybe Bucky, maybe Bobby.

For now, here’s something I found on Television Without Pity, written by JuneCsEvilTwin. It brilliantly sums up the auditions.

Dear David:
What the fuck was that?
Freddie Mercury

Dear Bucky:
What Freddie said.
The Dead Guys from Lynyrd Skynyrd
cc: The Living Guys From Lynyrd Skynyrd
bcc: Bo Bice

Dear Will:
You need to sing that song at least an octave higher. BTW, whatcha doin’ later?
Michael J.

Dear Sway:
Let’s make a deal. You return my shoes, I return your testicles.

Dear Ms. Billingsley:
I understand you speak jive. I saw it in a movie. What does “dawg, that was da bomb” mean
Kevin Covais

Dear Gedeon:
John “Bluto” Blutarski
cc: Otis Day
P.S. Shut up, Simon.

Dear Elliott:
Not bad.
Stevie W.

Dear Elliott’s Dad:
So there you are! Get back here!
Jason the Embalmer

Dear Chris:
What Stevie said.
J. Bon Jovi

Dear Bobby:
What Freddie said.
Barry M.

Dear Ace:
Cease and desist. Now.
Constantine Maroulis’ lawyer
cc: G. Michael

Dear Taylor:
You GET “Levon”? NOBODY gets that song! Not even us! You sure sang it purty, though. Whatcha doin’ later?
Elton and Bernie

Dear Mr. Soprano:
How much to have Elliott, Gedeon, Ace, Taylor and Will whacked?
B. Gether and S. Scott