What a weekend….I can’t believe it’s Sunday.

Mike and I tried a few new places this weekend. On Friday night, we went to Ristorante Luce down the street from his place in Hamden. It was very nice, Italian, AMAZING desserts. We had crabcakes for an appetizer (a special), then I had bucatini amatriciana (but if my memory serves me right, it’s supposed to be MATRICIANA), he had a seafood risotto, and for dessert I had a “magic cube” — a cube of layers of milk and white chocolate mousse with a cherry center, covered in dark chocolate, with berries. Delicious.

And last night, we tried out Saint-Tropez Bistro, down on Sanford St. in Fairfield, next to O Bar and Archie Moore’s. It’s really too bad that I hadn’t discovered this place until nearly the end of my time in Fairfield! It’s expensive, but it’s some of the BEST French food I have ever had outside of France. We started with a Roquefort and pear tart with a baby spinach salad with dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar (for me), escargots in a light tomato and garlic sauce with pastry (for him — I’ve gotten him hooked on escargots!), and for the main course, I had a pan-roasted rack of lamb and he had a black angus steak. For dessert, I had the best creme brulee I’ve ever had in America, and Mike had an Ile Flottante — surprisingly, it was square. I’ve had it once before, in France, and it basically resembled a giant softball. A delicious giant softball, of course.

I don’t feel like making separate posts, so here are a few other things — Mike and I watched War of the Worlds (taking care of 3 more Oscar nominations on my list, making it 58/109), which was okay (I’m not a big fan of aliens-destroying-the-world movies, but I liked how Boston was viewed as the ideal safe haven!), and on American Idol, I guessed THREE OUT OF FOUR of the people to be sent home correctly!

AND Mike got some good news at work — they’re making him a portfolio manager, which is surprising because they just told him that they weren’t going to because they figured he was going to leave soon. This will give him some great leverage for his second interview in Boston on Tuesday. We started looking at some apartments and condos for him — he’s thinking of buying. There’s this church in the South End that’s been converted into condos — it’s SO COOL! Imagine living in a church and having those long, tall windows! It’s very nice on the inside, too — lot’s of space, new appliances, etc. Mike’s just excited about getting flat-screen TVs.

That’s all I can think of — now to continue my Sunday of doing NOTHING when I should really be reading for class or writing my story….