This has always cracked me up, so it’s about time I posted it! It’s an iMix someone made on iTunes that tells a story, song by song.

Michael Jackson Loves Children
Michael — Franz Ferdinand
Your New Boyfriend — Moxy Fruvous
Sleeping With the Lights On — Teitur
Tempted — Squeeze
Poke and Destroy — The Presidents of the United States of America
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) — Michael Jackson
Dirty Bird — Owsley
Bus Stop Bitties — RJD2
Song for Children — Brian Wilson
Seven Deadly Sins — Flogging Molly
Oh, You Gotta Love a Llama! — Diane White-Crane
never neverland — shack
Michael’s in a Jam — The Knight Crew
Can’t Get Ready for Losing You — Jackson 5
Smooth Criminal — Alien Ant Farm
Mike in Jail — Boo Boo Davis
Jail in Jacksonville — Harvey Keene