I can’t believe that we’re going to Italy tomorrow! Now I’m finally starting to get excited!

It’s been tough to do so, since I’ve had a hell of a week….I went up to the health center on Monday morning and was taken to the hospital, where they suspected a kidney stone causing a bad infection, but they couldn’t detect a stone. (It took so long for them to get me to the CT scan that I think it had left the kidney by then.) So I got diagnosed with simply an infection.

I took the antibiotic Bactrim, which usually starts to work immediately, but I didn’t feel better. I went back to the health center and they put me on pyridium to ease the pain.

Yesterday, I still didn’t feel better, so I called them and was going to get my sensitivity test results last night, but the technician went home sick — so I went this morning, and found out that they’d been giving me an antibiotic that the bacteria I have is resistant to!

So I’m on a new antibiotic, Cipro, which I can’t take with dairy and will make me dizzy. Hooray. My pain medication only lasts through tomorrow afternoon or so, so I’m praying that the pain will have completely disappeared by then.

Now, then.

American Idol predictions:

Girls who should go home: Kinnik, Melissa
Girls who will go home: Kinnik, Melissa

I have the feeling that one of the great girls will get into the bottom three — either Lisa or Ayla.

Guys who should go home: Kevin, Bucky
Guys who will go home: Kevin, Will

Those are definitely going to be the bottom three.

God, American Idol is SO addicting!!!!!!!