Well, in just a few hours, I’ll be off to Italy for spring break!

It’s surreal….I don’t even realize it yet. I’ve had my mind on my health all this week, but now I’m FINALLY starting to relax because I woke up today feeling better than I have all week, I didn’t even need the pain pills so I’ll just keep them as backups, and for the first time since Monday, I have an appetite!

I’m just planning on picking up my People magazine between 2 and 3, while the bus is loading, since it wasn’t there this morning. And passing my newest story, “Cut.,” out to friends on the bus so I can get a bit of feedback. The theatre people will especially enjoy it, since it’s about the politics of theatre and the feelings it stirs up in others.

I can’t wait to EAT LIKE CRAZY in ITALIA! Oil Shoppe sandwiches, balsamic steak at Acqua, pasta sampler, pappa al pomodoro, ribbolita, tiramisu, cappuccino, ciccolato caldo con crema, EVERYTHING. It’s going to be an amazing trip. I just hope that we sing well to represent the university.

The schedule:
Sat: Arrive in Rome; bus tour; free day.
Sun: Touring the Ancient City (skipping that), lunch, touring Spanish Steps/Trevi Fountain (skipping that), singing Mass at Il Gesu
Mon: Touring the Vatican (actually doing that, since I want to see the Sistene Chapel again), concert at Santa Maria del Priorato
Tues: Free day in Rome
Weds: Depart for Assisi, sing in Assisi, depart for Florence
Thurs: Tour of Florence (skipping that, obviously!), concert at Basilica di San Lorenzo
Fri: Free day in Florence, maybe going to somewhere in Tuscany or Verona or Venice for the day! Farewell dinner at ASTOR CAFFE, where Boner was stabbed!! Probably skipping that, too.
Sat: Coming home.

I’ll try to update while I’m there!