There’s so much I have to say here….

Gleetalia was amazing, every aspect of it. Being in Italy felt like the most natural thing. It was weird — I felt almost emotionless! Never hyperventilating with excitement; never distraught to leave. It was just natural. Italy’s my place — well, Europe’s more my place. I did have the best time when I got to my old apartment on Borgo Santa Croce and hugged it. Twice. I wanted to go in, but didn’t — it’s time to let it go.

A few things have changed in Florence. The Oil Shoppe, though still making delicious sandwiches, has commercialized. There are three kinds of bread now, there are lists of specific sandwiches for you to choose from (Alberto doesn’t do a lot of making sandwiches from his mind anymore), there’s a deli in the back (and less seating), the price is now 3.50 for a sandwich instead of 3, the bags now are printed with the Oil Shoppe’s logo. I chatted with Alberto for a bit — he couldn’t believe that I was a customer from fall 2004! — and he said that he loves his place so much, he’s always working on changing it, improving it for the better. I just hope that the Oil Shoppe doesn’t become a chain. Alberto is what makes the place what it is.

A few other things changed — I saw a few new stores on Via dei Benci. And at Maracana, Wednesday nights had no cover and 5 Euro drinks, not 3 Euro. They were bigger, though. But the absolute best thing was that the music was EXACTLY THE SAME! With the exception of Gasolina and My Humps, this could have been the same playlist from a year and a half ago. Bodiqua, Crazy in Love, Crooklyn Cran, P.I.M.P., Fresh ’83, Let’s Get Retarded, To the WINDOWWWW TO THE WALL, all the songs that we LOVED.

I’m doing so much stuff right now but I plan to blog about my top five moments a little bit later. Until then, VUOI VOGLIO BENISSIMI, I MIEI GLEETALIANI!