On our last night in Rome, we decided to go to dinner in the Jewish Quarter (I finally got my zucchini flowers — I actually DREAMED of them last night!!) and, from there, walk to Campo dei Fiori to hit up the bar scene. When we got there, there were a bunch of American high school-aged guys (which was interesting in itself, since Cameron said that a few of them were in the group that a bunch of girls in glee club hooked up with) standing on tables, jumping into the fountain, and singing at the top of their lungs. We took a few pictures and went into Bacchanalia, where I had my first Roman blackout a year and a half ago.

Not long after we sat down, we heard a huge BOOM! and the people in the piazza started going crazy. It turns out a homemade bomb had gone off — though it was probably more the size of a firecracker. Everyone got locked inside the bar, which went on at all the bars in the Campo, reportedly. The carabinieri showed up and started firing flare guns, which gave the place an eerie red glow. These pics were the best I could do from the inside of the bar.

THEN, after that, people started running all over the piazza like crazy — the carabinieri had helmets with face shields on and were running after people, clubbing them! It didn’t look like it was THAT necessary, but maybe they just really needed the area cleared. (The only thing we were thinking about was how long it was taking for us to get our drinks. I needed my Italian caipirosca alla fragola!)

Well, when the world is going crazy, sometimes the only thing you can do is buckle down and drink your absinthe. Note: it’s not meant to be drank straight, which I did. It’s either 78 proof or 156 proof (I always mix up proof and percent), but either way, the stuff is VILE! It won’t make you hallucinate unless you drink a lot of it, though.

By the time we left the bar, the Campo was deserted, so we figured the best thing we could do was get out of there as quickly as possible. There was a line of carabinieri cars — I got a picture of one of them. And that concludes our evening in the middle of an Italian riot, complete with bomb. I didn’t realize how dangerous it sounded until I told my dad about it.