To rising seniors choosing apartments in the near future:

If you know what’s good for you, DO NOT live in 311 or 313 — and probably 310 and 312 for good measure, too.

My apartment is directly above the apartment lounge, and it seems that every weekend night I decide to take a night off, do homework, clean the apartment, write and watch whatever movie’s on TV, THE BASKETBALL TEAM AND THEIR CLOSEST BUDDIES DECIDE TO THROW A PARTY DOWNSTAIRS WITH RAP MUSIC BLASTING SO LOUDLY THAT LITERALLY EVERYTHING IN YOUR PLACE VIBRATES.

Also, earplugs don’t help. You can still feel it throughout your body.

And parties are supposed to be over by 2, but that never happens. So you call security, and they take around half an hour to show up and tell them to shut everything down.

It’s mainly Saturday nights that parties are thrown. Once, Kelly put The Sound of Music on at midnight, knowing we’d need something that lasted at least two hours.

To think that I turned down an invitation to the bar AND an invitation to a party….and now I smell like cleaning supplies.


Don’t choose 311 or 313. You’ve been advised.