I was watching Will and Grace tonight (only because of Britney’s guest appearance, which had its moments but was overall lackluster) and I saw one of those “The More You Know” commercials. It starred the girl who plays Pam on The Office. Normally, these are all, “Read to your kids,” or something along those lines, but she was weird: “When you get a wedding invitation, save it. Don’t call the bride three days before the wedding to ask for directions. THE DIRECTIONS ARE ON THE INVITATION.”

She said that last part so forcefully! I thought it was a bit weird, but then there was another one about an hour later with the weirdest guy from The Office: “When you get attacked by a bear, don’t climb a tree. Curl into a ball.” It went on with some serious survival instructions. So I guess these weren’t meant to be taken that seriously!

Also, this was just about the worst week of American Idol ever, except my wonderful Elliott, who got the pimp spot this week! I liked Mandisa until she started PREACHING at the beginning of her gospel song. Chris is getting seriously boring, Taylor grows on me more and more (he looked HOT!) and Bucky needs to go NOW. And Ryan Seacrest and Teri Hatcher….awkward, and gross. (Couple nickname: TRYAN, cause that’s what they’re doing, or SEAHAG.)