You know how every now and then you hear a song and it HITS you so strongly, it touches something deep inside that you can’t put your finger on, but you keep yearning to feel it again so you listen to the song over and over and over again?

I’ve found another.

Van Hunt’s “Daredevil, Baby.” I bought the album last night on iTunes and I’ve started listening to it — it’s AWESOME. Definitely get it. Or better yet, spend the meager 99 cents and download “Daredevil, Baby.”

This song just does it to me — the melody is like taking something basic and twisting it around. The piano is so simple. And then once it goes into the bridge halfway through and adds the drums and everything — oh my God. I have to keep listening to it.

Here are other songs that have touched me the same way over the years:

Smashing Pumpkins: “Disarm” and “By Starlight”
Stevie Wonder: “Ribbon in the Sky”
John Legend: “Ordinary People” and “Let’s Get Lifted”
Henry Mancini: “Romeo and Juliet”
New Edition: “Still in Love”
Keith Sweat: “Do Anything”
“If This World Were Mine” (nearly any version or cover, but the Alicia Keys ft. Jermaine Paul version was the one that got me hooked — it’s an AMAZING song)
Damien Rice: “The Blower’s Daughter”
Coldplay: “Sparks”
Bee Gees: “How Deep Is Your Love”