Last night was the annual Murder Mystery Dance — and the third year in a row that Kelly ran the whole thing. As always, it was a great night, with good food, good times, and a CHEESY but HILARIOUS mystery to solve! Those actors were hysterical. James was my “date” for the night, and I only wish that Sars and her friend Alex could have come, but they were on a plane to Belle, Douce France. (Also, yesterday was Sars’ 18th birthday! She has yet to buy lottery tickets or cigarettes, though.

But the funniest moment of the night was when James unknowingly held his program over a votive candle and it CAUGHT ON FIRE! He blew it out, but it still had a fiery ring around it, so I grabbed a plate and smothered it. And when it was done, it had perfectly burned out the head of the guy who runs the mysteries! The guy LOVED it, and he said that people always draw wacky hairstyles on the programs (he’s bald), but this was something entirely new. And since he collects them, James autographed it (“Asian James,” of course) and gave it to him.

After the dinner part, we headed up to the Levee to see the Improv show — we came in the middle of the second group (which is my favorite, since most of my friends are in that one and I think they’re the funniest, too). I actually didn’t end up watching much of On the Spot itself, the third group, because Jenn was bartending, and we just talked the whole time. It was really great to catch up with her. And she has a job already, teaching math in Lynn!

Willis had shown up by that time, so we grabbed another beer (poor James has yet to turn 21) and hung out, then went in succession to parties at 44, 12, 116 and 113, I think, then went back to their house. (Oh, I think it’s worth mentioning that whenever James has to work at Staples the next morning, he goes to bed IN HIS UNIFORM, wearing his belt, his wallet in his back pocket!)

And then I walked home, stepping carefully in my high heels, and then I watched South Park with Kevin Tracey (who djed the mystery and was staying over with us) and ate two pieces of cheesecake from the two whole cakes that my darling roommate Kelly Anne had taken home from the dance.

Good times. I am really going to miss this place in a few months….