I think Prince William hit his hotness peak at 16 or so. Harry keeps looking better and better with age.

I hope I get a job. And then I hope I can move out of my parents’ houses by September.

Caitlin Wagner and Jess Vigliotti asked me to play piano for them for Stations of the Cross, since they needed a pianist and were really in a bind. I did it, and I’m so glad that I did. It felt great to help them out.

Elliott is my favorite on American Idol — I’d really like to see him in the final four with Taylor, Paris and Chris. Bush probably has the whole White House voting for Kellie Pickler. (Gawsh, she’s so SMART!) And honestly, I didn’t think Ace’s performance was THAT bad this week.

I’m always happiest when I’m bucking tradition. I realized that when I went to the prom without a date and had the most amazing time.

Maybe I’ll volunteer abroad in a few years.

Thanks to Comedy class, I’m now a huge fan of Catch-22 and Fargo.

Jesse L. Martin will be playing Marvin Gaye in a biopic. He’s definitely got the look down — maybe a bit tall, but he can do it if Philip Seymour Hoffman can play Truman Capote. But vocally, Martin has a really low voice — they’ll probably dub him a la Ray.

I think Tomkitten’s going to be born within a few days.

I’m really disappointed because Let’s Go said that they have a great site, beyondtourism.com, which is all about working and volunteering and teaching in the developing world, but it’s actually just a regular Let’s Go site with more information about booking your trip than anything else.