Easter break was really nice. Another really nice thing is that this is my 50th post in this blog. I’m really happy with blogger, and what I’m able to do with it. (I’m still a little sad that my diary-x is gone forever, though.)

Sars wasn’t there because she’s still in France. I also found out that Alice McKenney’s sister is on the trip is well, which is funny because Alice and I went on the trip together and hung out together a lot with Jane Hanley and Chris Proctor, and I can remember running in Gare St Lazare for the train to Rouen and grabbing the center table so we could all sit together, and all the inside jokes we had.

What’s especially great about Sars being in France is that I GET THE CAR UNTIL SHE COMES TO VISIT ON SATURDAY. It’s amazing having a car, and I love that it’s free to park. I can finally go out and buy wine anytime — I’m out, except for my nice bottle of Rosso di Montepulciano that I got in Florence. I was saving that for a nice dinner with the roommates, since Julia wanted some wine from Italy, but now it’s pointless since I pretty much only have one roommate.

I went out with Beth, Lisa and Janelle on Saturday night and we ended up going to Waltham for a dinner and staying for the first official Waltham Pub Crawl. Not that going to two bars constitutes a pub crawl, but we enjoyed ourselves! The Moody St. area is surprisingly nice. We also determined that you’re never too old to go to a porn shop and laugh at the life-sized rubber fist. Or the Venus Penis.

But the best part was Easter itself….it was great. I realized that it really took this long to feel completely comfortable about the holidays since my parents divorced. (Not that it was better when they were together. Holidays were universally awful.) But everyone was so happy and in their proper place this year, and I’ve never laughed so hard. It was great at my dad’s — Grammy and Uncle Mike were over, and we traded stories of all kinds, and I showed them the Chronicles of Narnia rap video. Uncle Mike keeps telling me that I need to go into languages, career-wise, since I like them and am good at them, but he also says I’m a great writer and should work in that.

And then I went to my mom’s, and her boyfriend Mark was there too, and we kept trading stories as well. I love how having two places for the holidays also means that you can have twice as much wine. Zinfandel at Dad’s, Pinot Grigio at Mom’s. Good times. ALSO, my mom’s boyfriend RAN OVER A RABBIT the NIGHT BEFORE EASTER. Who does that?!?! “YOU KILLED THE EASTER BUNNY, YOU BASTARD!”

I drove back with Kara (I found her neighborhood by MEMORY!), battling Red Sox/Boston Marathon traffic on Route 9, and we listened to my CD of “A Night of Fantasy,” the spring glee club concert from our freshman year. Now, THAT was a good concert. I think it was my favorite repetoire selection from any concert we’ve ever done, actually. The Polovetzian Dance, the Witches’ Chorus from Macbeth in glee club, and Over the Rainbow, Frostiana and In the Beginning of Creation in chambers — the music was AWESOME. With the exception of a certain soprano of the class of 2003’s shrill vibrato that you could hear AT ALL TIMES.

Overall, good times. I’m having fun.