Well, tonight was the last Senior Mug Night. And it was definitely a lot of fun. We got free shirts; they’re long-sleeved and they say “Seniors” on the front in black cursive and a red “06” below. On the back they say “Last Call” and they have the image of a Stag and an F. Yep, I’m wearing mine tomorrow, along with the stamp from the Levee that will undoubtedly still be visible on my hand.

Things are going well. It’s funny how things go. Life is VERY good. I’m a happy girl.

TomKat had their baby. It’s a girl, and her name is Suri. I kinda like the name. But what I find crazy is that Katie Holmes and Brooke Shields had their babies on the same day. (This is because Tom publicly attacked Brooke for using antidepressants when she had postpartum depression.) It’s very sweet.

What’s my opinion about TomKat? Honestly, I think that Katie has either been brainwashed or she has absolutely no self-esteem, or she has some other kind of problems. I would LOVE for her to come out and do an interview, saying that she had no idea what she was getting into. I would think that all the pictures of her frantically shopping for shoes before birth (since pregnant women’s feet swell, WHO DOES THAT right before birth?) is a cry for help. She’s signed the contract with Tom to make him look straight. Poor girl.

You know, I’ve never blogged while tipsy before, but I am now. I had a decent amount of dollar drafts at the Levee and I had some wine before then. (I picked up a recommended Zinfandel, an Argentinian red, and some Italian Pinot Grigio, mainly for cooking, at Mo’s today. I need to buy a bit more wine — I love my wines and can’t wait to become versed in knowledge about them!)

Is it weird that I’m the only one out of the Brood that is going for completely boring and conventional work after graduating from college? Man, that hurts. But what hurts most of all is certain people comparing me to the other Brood members and deducing, “Well, she’s living at home; she’s working and therefore BORING.” I HATE THAT. I wish I could feel better about it.


I am working until I can save up a decent amount of money. My goal currently is to move out by September, but I might wait a little longer in favor of saving more money.

And once that’s over, I’m going abroad. To volunteer, to teach, to do anything. That’s what I’m meant to do, and the only reason why I’m not doing it immediately is so I can save up a tiny amount of money and get myself established, somewhat, in public relations. Even though I have plenty of PR experience, nothing matters like a real job.


If there’s anything that I have to throw onto my “bottom 3” list, it’s 1) not wanting to do any work to finish my independent studies, 2) having your roommate clean the bathroom without rinsing the soap off of the toilet/sink/shower, and 3) time at Fairfield coming to a close.

Top 5 that I LOVE:

5) Having a car until Sunday
4) Butternut donuts, which nobody knows exist but me. 😉
3) Making pork chops along with broccolini and an insalata caprese tonight — I’ve officially conquered the pig!
2) AWESOME stuff that happens when you’re in your last semester. It still rocks.
1) Travelocity. Just because.