I had the most fortunate pleasure of seeing Spamalot last night! WHAT a show….it was so funny, and so awesome. A lot of shows bore me, so I was really pleased that the last two I’ve seen (this and Avenue Q) have been so hilarious.

This is the second FUSA Broadway series I’ve done — I saw RENT freshman year, but we didn’t have a bus because there was a blizzard. We took the train in and were reimbursed by the school, which was really nice. And I also got a ticket for The Producers, but I ended up having mono, so I gave my ticket to Kelly.

We gathered around 4:30, and our buses didn’t arrive — only two other random buses — so we didn’t end up going until much later. There were a bunch of tickets left, so I gave Mike Davis a call and he decided to come, too. There was a good group going, albeit generally underclassmen — Liz Cooper and Chris Miller, Mike Barrett, Katie McLaughlin, Beth Mullen….and my roommate Kelly, of course!

Okay, so the show. It’s based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so you’ve got a lot of the same lines and an ever-present skipping along with coconuts clop-clopping. And things that seem difficult to accomplish on stage are actually done, like the knight who gets his limbs chopped off and the rabbit that attacks everyone. (It’s done with a thrown puppet — they sold vicious bunny slippers!)

But the show totally veers away from the movie when it comes to the musical numbers. I think my personal fave was “His Name is Lancelot,” a disco number that sounds like Copacabana, when Lancelot’s knight clothes are ripped off to a gay disco outfit with sequined armbands and a sparkling codpiece. The Lady of the Lake has “Laker Girls” who dance around like cheerleaders, and Camelot turns into Las Vegas, complete with showgirls. And it was great to see “The Song That Goes Like This,” which Kelly and Sean are singing in Pops this year — it’s going to be awesome!

The original cast included David Hyde Pierce, Hank Azaria and STEVE THE PIRATE FROM DODGEBALL, but this cast was really good — and I was mostly thrilled that the guy who played Not Dead Fred was the singing salesclerk from the “That’s on eBay” commercial! And the Lady of the Lake was played by Lauren Kennedy, who is a big name on Broadway, and Kelly even has one of her CDs. (Beth, if anyone knows who she is, it’s you!)

Overall, see it. It’s such a great show, SO hilarious, and you’ll love it.

To finish:

“I’m alone.”