Being the celebrity gossip fan that I am, I came across Denise Richards’ divorce documents that she filed earlier Friday and I read all seventeen pages. Read it.

In a nutshell, she’s divorcing Charlie Sheen because he is both verbally and physically abusive, he has threatened her, and having survived alcohol and heroin addiction, he is now addicted to painkillers, internet porn, prostitutes and gambling.

Some of the revelations:

–He threatened to kill her several times.
–He pushed her down while she was holding their baby Lola in front of their other daughter Sam.
–When she was being wheeled in for her C-section when she had Lola ten months ago, he was checking his pager to see if he had won his bet.
–When Denise took Sam to get her infant shots, Charlie accused her of poisoning the baby.
–He visited porn sites that featured underage girls and boys, including gay porn.
–When she asked him if he had anything to do with the death of a prostitute he used to be involved with, he would only say to her, “NO COMMENT.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. First of all, I can’t believe that so many of us in the gossip community, including myself and Trent, were rooting for them to get back together. Secondly, it really hits home that abuse can happen to anybody, and it’s never black and white. I can’t believe that Denise took him back as many times as he did, and especially getting pregnant again so quickly, thinking that a second baby would change him.

It sounds so easy when you simply say, “She kept thinking he would change.” But until you experience it, it’s NEVER as black and white as that.

For now, the judge has enforced a restraining order — Charlie can’t come within 300 yards of Denise, her home, her car, or the children, except during his supervised visitation once a week.

(But for me, the biggest issue I have with this is the quality of the writing in the papers. I am positive that Denise must have had someone go over it — her lawyer. And I understand the need to preserve her voice throughout the piece, but is the bad grammar really necessary? Or did they even notice it? Throughout the entire piece, she spells “Xanax” as “Zanex.” There are run-on sentences, apostrophes in weird places, a lack or excess of commas, etc. And I hate how this is becoming acceptable, not only in legal documents, but legal documents that are BOUND TO HIT THE WEB DUE TO THE CELEBRITY STATUS OF THE PEOPLE IT INVOLVES!)

Well. That’s my rant.

Overall, this whole situation with Denise and the babies is very sad. I had no idea it was as bad as she said it was. I hope she gets out of it safely.