The spring concert — the final spring concert for me — was last night. It went pretty well. Pitch was very good, much better in the Ave Verum than in rehearsals, and the Palestrina and Blagoslovy were PERFECT. The only low point was during The Lark, when some of the pitch got out of whack, but I’m sure most people didn’t notice it like I did. Overall, very enjoyable. Sars hated it, of course. (She and Mom came up for the concert; Sars stayed overnight.) I’m really hoping she comes to Pops. And guess who was there? BRUCE, everyone’s favorite silver-haired fox, of course….and STEWY!!!!!

Since there wasn’t a townhouse to throw a registered glee club party (AND I heard some interesting information about one of the houses/hosts….), James decided to throw an impromptu bash at his house. It took a while to get started, but by 11:30 or so, it was insane. It was more the 87 guys’ core group of friends than glee club people, but it was still a really good time.

 Sars taught a few people some card games and stuff. At one point, we threw everything we had into the middle of the table to make it look like we were betting really high (Luke: “Who the hell bet the digital camera?!”). After a walk through the rain back to the apartments, we ate some chips and salsa and leafed through People (it’s the baby issue!), and this morning we went to the diner for some breakfast (something I won’t do on a rainy Sunday morning in the near future).

There’s also a French version of Jackass called “The Eleven Commandments,” and she watched some of it in France. There was one skit when the guys took three times the recommended dosage of sleeping pills and then went rollerblading, falling asleep on their feet and pushing each other into the Seine. Good times. (HANGIN’ IN A CHOW LINE!!)

Tonight I’m singing at Mass with Chambers, and the bishop’s in town, so it’s probably going to be a long service. :-/

Many, many good times to come….