I have to write about this dream before I forget it.

The earlier parts involved me trying to get a job at Pepperidge Farm and throwing parties at both Kara’s townhouse and my townhouse, while Dwight was cooking pasta on the stove. Then my parents arrived and everything changed.

I was with my parents and we couldn’t find Sarah. We went upstairs to what was her room and found her lifeless body in a bed. We were upset and went downstairs to the basement. There, I found what looked like a ghost of Sarah — she looked about four years old, and she was a red transparent figure.

I suddenly realized that if I helped her play, she would grow up. I asked her how old she was, and she wouldn’t answer. Then I saw she was playing with kid-sized cleaning brushes. “Here. How about you clean the wall with this one,” I said, handing her a brush, “and then I’ll help you clean with this one.” We played. The more we played, the bigger she grew, and we started playing more games that were appropriate to her age. As she became a teenager (and my height), I made fun of people with her.

Then the room began filling with people. Half of them were REAL ghosts who were trying to suck the souls out of people; the others were the ghosts of people that I knew, that could be saved by playing. (Also, as they played and grew older, they had a little meter on the side of their arm that would raise when they became more human.)

I tried all I could to help people play and grow older again. At one point, a little girl named Caitie (though she looked just like Sarah Lopez) said that she didn’t want to play, so I taught her and her friends how to swing dance. Five of them joined in immediately, and they started having so much fun.

Then the real dancing began. People started swirling around in some sort of waltz — I felt so little as fabric swirled around me. Then I saw Mike — and at this point I can say in my blog that this is someone who’s becoming very special to me — and I just dropped everything and danced with him, swirling with everyone else.

Then the ghosts, the REAL ghosts, started ushering people-ghosts out of this door. I knew that if they went in there, they would be gone forever. But nobody who started as a ghost had completely revived.

And then I saw CC, who was my best friend when I was young. Our friendship was volatile and it ended in probably one of the worst ways it could. We don’t speak anymore. I grabbed her and told her, “I miss you.” She started crying, and so did I. “I miss you, too — every day,” she replied.

As she said those words, the meter on the side of her arm filled all the way and got underlined in yellow. As that happened, a trunk began to appear in front of the door, preventing anyone from leaving. Everyone had been restored to their vitality in that moment, including my sister.

That was it. It was one of the most powerful dreams I’ve had in a very long time. But one thing I’m wondering — was this partially based on an episode of the old school Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid of the Dark?