The past 18 hours or so have been a haze of writing, coffee and the occasional foray into celebrity gossip blogs to keep me sane. I’ve been trying to finish my independent study as quickly as possible, but creativity really can’t be rushed. I think my first story turned out so well because the idea had been festering in my mind for so long. These crappy stories I’m turning out now are just the remnants of studying abroad. And now I’m drinking iced coffee and listening to Queen to perk me up so I can finish the stories and tie up the loose ends.

And it’s starting to become clearer that my time here will be DONE, COMPLETELY, FOREVER. I have my graduation tickets, senior week tickets, and I’m almost done with classes. God, as much as I’ve complained about stuff here, I’ve realized that Fairfield University is the greatest place on the planet.

Underclassmen: treasure every moment.

To help me feel better, I’m going to make a list of things about Fairfield that I definitely won’t miss.

–Connecticut rotaries
–Rich kids
–Yankee fans
–The uphill walk to class
–The walk home from the townhouses
–Excessive Catholicism dominating school protocol
–8:30 wakeup calls on the weekend on the other side of the wall
–Frequent apartment fire drills
–LOUD parties downstairs that refuse to shut down
–Public safety
–Not having a car

But, of course, this reminds me of what I WILL miss — the excessive Catholicism reminds me of the nice music we do at Masses for Chambers, and getting too drunk reminds me of getting just enough drunk, and the Yankee fans remind me of the Boston/New York riots on the quad, and papers remind me of awesome fiction classes….

I can’t believe it’s practically OVER.

On a side note, I’m looking forward to an awesome weekend, including an official glee club party, Spam Jam, and finishing with Pops on Tuesday.