I just finished my final paper of college. I am officially DONE. Now it’s time for the fun stuff.

Celebrating Julia’s last night in America….
ALL of Senior Week….
Singing with Glee Club at graduation!

Also, here are a few odds and ends:

–Chris going home on American Idol — I figured it would happen, especially because DialIdol predicted it, but it’s still a shock. But it’s great to know he was asked to be Fuel’s new lead singer. He’ll be singing much better music than American Idol could provide him with.

–I love lots of words….in French, I think my favorites are chirugien (surgeon) and parapluie (umbrella).

–I’ve been getting into baby-sitters club communities online….they are AWESOME! It’s so nice to find people who are my age but were obsessed back in the day!

–I think I’m going to volunteer for the One campaign when I get home. They have monthly meetings in the Boston chapter.

–Sars still wants to go to France with her friends, but they haven’t really done much. This is their last week of school, too, so they’re pretty occupied. And their plan is still the same: Meeting the Frenchies in London, then heading over to Paris, then spending some time staying with them in Rouen (which would be CHEAP).

–Personally, I found a trip to Guatemala that I’d really like to take, and if Sars’ plan falls through, I would have no qualms about going by myself. I can probably do two weeks for just under $2000. I would REALLY like to hike the Inca Trail, especially since it might be closed to tourists soon, but I would have to buy a lot of equipment for that, and it would be more expensive, too.

–That kid who is a triple amputee who had stories about him in People and Cosmo had a walk-on role in My Name Is Earl tonight. It was good. That kid is so amazingly optimistic.

–There’s a sign on the laundry room at the apartments that reads “Found Jewerly.” Seriously. And if that wasn’t enough, there was a phone number underneath that I vaguely recognize….I’m not sure, but it’s an extremely familiar number….Let’s just say that I’m not surprised in the least.

–Okay, that’s it. Time to make a lemon drop martini to celebrate.