Hehehe. It’s been crazy.

My mom is moving to her new house now, and I’m taking a break. It’s a HUGE house. I even have a room, and she’s giving me her old queen-sized bed, which is AWESOME, but is kind of pointless because I don’t really plan on living there….I’m a college grad, after all….

Sars’ prom was last night. I’ve got pics from that, too. She’s at Hampton Beach with her friends today.

Not much to say, only I absolutely LOVE TiVo! We recently got it for the computer at my dad’s, and I’m taping a bunch of Food Network shows on it. It’s quite amazing.

And HOW AWESOME was House this week? Sars and I went over to the Golinis to watch with Beth and Amelia, and we could barely watch it at times, but it was SO GRUESOME. When that guy’s balls exploded….wow. That’s great TV.

Sars and I are having a DOUBLE PIRATE GRADUATION PARTY. It’s on Sunday, June 4, at 3:30 at my dad’s house. Barbecue, beer and pool. Call me for the details.

Now, over to my mom’s new house to unpack….I will be very glad when all this packing, unpacking and moving will be OVER!!