FINALLY, my computer is set up and I can blog the rest of my Senior Week pictures!

First, the Semi at Foxwoods.

I absolutely love this picture. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is (especially since I have about 300 pictures of me with Dominello and Erin from that night), but I really, really love this. And I like how well we all coordinate with the black and silver.

Kara and me, looking glamorous as we went all out in our ball gowns.

Cotton-eye Joe!

Our table — me, Shannon, Sean, Jim, Victoria, Kelly and Amy (Jay was taking the picture). Really great people.

Meet me at FOXWOODS, the “surprise location” for the event!

Amy and Jay, new Connecticutians. Her dress was GORGEOUS.

Kelly enjoys her delectable chocolate cake.

I try to talk Erin into eating some babies.

Afterward, we headed back to 124.

Overall, it was a really fun night. There were aspects of it that needed to be planned better (who in their right mind thought that we’d be able to get to Foxwoods in only an hour on a Friday afternoon?!), but it was nice that they extended it to make up for lost time. Food was good, music was good, good dancing, etc. It was pretty expensive, but it’s SENIOR WEEK! Bar lines were ridiculously long. To be honest, the dance was probably the most underwhelming event of the week. But that’s when you’re comparing it to the picnic.