Music: Nick Lachey “What’s Left Of Me” (heh)

So last night, on a whim, I ended up driving to Kara’s house in Jamaica Plain and we ended up beginning what we’ve planned as a quest to experience many, many, many bars in Boston. We went to Whiskey’s, on Boylston St., and there was a good crowd there. Lots of toasts to the beginning of summer.

As for the guys we met:

1) Group of guys from Hobart and Wheaton, whom we guessed earlier couldn’t possibly be 21. But a few had graduated, so we toasted our graduations. The guys were really nice, but they were with girls who gave us evil looks for stealing away their men.

2) When Kara was in the bathroom, the guy on the other side of me gave me his best pickup line: “Can’t I say hello?” Um, all right, buddy. Weird guy. But someone to talk to.

3) Paul the SAILOR from Portsmouth! (Not in uniform. Believe me, had he been in uniform, there would be pictures.) Really nice guy.

4) Guy who goes to Boston Conservatory! We chatted about that, since I was there for piano for a few years, but he was in the acting department and didn’t know any of the people I knew.

Basically, Kara has decided that she needs to find a new group of guys. I’ve decided that taking a break wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, especially until I get my own place. So, via a 12-step program still in the works, I will be passing on my knowledge of how to get guys in bars to Kara. Heh. It’s surely going to lead to more interesting nights.

I’m really glad that we got to hang out already. I’m scared about losing touch with my Fairfield friends, especially since so many of us will be scattered in different directions. But Kara lives nearby — about 35 minutes or so — so it’s a relief that she’s so close. For the others, I’m glad that I’ll likely be seeing a bunch of glee clubbers at concerts, but that’s all I can guarantee. It’s tough, and it hurts that there are so many of my friends that I’ll only see once in a blue moon, if at all. But all is not lost.