I saw this post of Favorite Things, and there were a lot that I hadn’t thought about, so I figured I’d post mine!

Time of day: Around 7 or so, when the night begins.
Day of the week: Friday, because the whole weekend is ahead.
Season: Summer — love it hot, sunny and even humid.
Holiday: Halloween — love dressing up and parties.
Way to waste time: Celebrity blogs and Food Network!
Dog breed: Pug, or whatever Mischa Barton’s puppy Ziggy is.
Hobby: At the moment, cooking. I have too many hobbies.
State: California.
Board game: Dream Phone!!
Composer: Mozart, big gap, and then many: Debussy, Puccini, Chopin, Bach, and I love film scores — Randy Newman, Jon Brion, John Williams, James Horner….
Seat on an airplane: The window, because I’m a map freak and I love to see what’s outside. I saw Block Island on the way back from Gleetalia.
Vacation ever taken: My semester abroad in Florence, if that counts! If not, then either California with the Brood, the France trip in high school or Gleetalia.
Vacation spot: Paris.
Gift ever received: For college graduation, my parents gave me diamond earrings.
Gift ever given: I just gave Kara a giant pink wine glass for her college graduation.
Flower: Anything bright and unusual. I love snowfire roses because they’re fuschia tipped with white.
Childhood memory: Camping at White Lake in New Hampshire.
Vegetable: Do you have to ask? Asparagus!
Disney movie: Aladdin, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, and Beauty and the Beast.
Television show: American Idol during the spring; The Amazing Race the rest of the time.
Television show as a child: Salute Your Shorts!
Celebrity I’d like to meet: George Clooney. Mmmmm. The Jolie-Pitts. Hugh Jackman. Harvey Walden IV, so he’d whip my ass into shape. And my favorite celebrity bloggers — hehe, it’s cheesy but I’d love to meet them!
Junk food item: Mama Celeste frozen pizzas.
Healthy food item: I like vegetables, and I often go for organic. After living in Italy, who wouldn’t go for natural food?
Grade in school: Loved third grade, loved fifth….and had SO much fun senior year of high school.
Kind of party: Any party with good friends and plenty of alcohol.
Way to travel: By plane, because it means you’re going someplace far away.
Winter Olympics event: Ice dancing.
Summer Olympics event: Men’s gymnastics.
Favorite college memory: There are SO many. Gleetalia, parties, Pops concerts, hanging with the Trifecta….but I just might put Senior Week at the top of my list.
Picture of me: My senior pictures from high school came out nice.
Magazine: People. I subscribe.
Movie of all time: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Book recently read: Kristy’s Great Idea, the new graphic novel!
Author: Hemingway for fiction, Maupassant for short fiction, Plath for poetry.
Book as a child: The Baby-Sitters Club books, Matilda, Leo the Late Bloomer.
Author as a child: Roald Dahl.
Store to shop at: I actually barely shop! But sexy undies are mandatory at all times, so I’m a fan of Victoria’s Secret.
Way to shop: I’m getting into online shopping lately, especially eBay.
Way to dress up: Little black dress, hair up and long earrings.
Way to dress down: Jeans and tank tops.
Ice cream flavor: Watermelon sherbet.
Color: Hot pink.
Cookie: Snickerdoodles, especially if they’re soft.
Dessert: Usually the chocolatiest thing on the menu.
Fun snack: Goldfish crackers.
Breakfast: A piece of whole wheat toast with sliced tomatoes and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on top. It’s a great balance of protein, fat and carbs!
Lunch: I tend not to do lunch, actually. But salads are always good.
Dinner: Chicken piccatta with roasted asparagus!
Nickname: Kails.
Boy’s name: I like Luca, George, Henry (mostly because of The Time Traveler’s Wife), etc.
Girl’s name: Daphne, Ruby, Layla, Naomi, Ginger….
School subject: French in high school, English and Creative Writing in college.
Book: The Sun Also Rises.