Music: Gnarls Barkley “St. Elsewhere” — this album is AWESOME.

I am addicted to Europe.

I will now be returning to Florence for the second time since I studied abroad there.

Sarah has been planning a trip to Europe with her friends Alex and Heather for a few months now. It has been absolutely crazy and ridden with problems — Heather’s parents booked (inconvenient) tickets for them without even checking with my parents, which is ridiculous in itself (almost as ridiculous as them getting a flight out of LONDON that leaves at 6 AM, which means they pretty much won’t be able to get cheap transportation to Heathrow).

My mom has wanted me to go with them, to be a hybrid chaperone of sorts, but once Alex heard that, she REFUSED to go, PERIOD. (Personally, I was hurt. Alex and I get along!) And after that, my sister decided that she didn’t want to go, PERIOD. She’d just pay the $800 ticket and not go. Well, there’s no way ANYONE in my family would allow that.

So we began looking into my taking her ticket. I would just bum around Europe on my own for two weeks (which would be SO romantic and pretty awesome, too). Then we found out that since they booked the ticket through Orbitz, the name couldn’t be changed.

During all this, I’ve been talking to James. He’s studying in Florence for a month, and he’s really not having that good a time — more because of the people than the place, because he adores Italy and Florence itself.

So, I’m going to visit him!!!!!

We booked a ticket for me last night. It’s actually a day flight to London, which I’ve never done before, but it’s cheap and nonstop. I have a cheap, nonstop flight back.

Sarah has decided that she will go — only she’s going to go with me!

Here’s our tentative plan:

–Weds 6/14: I fly out of Boston at 8:30 AM, arrive in London at 8:30 PM. Sars flies out of Boston at 9 PM. I spend the night at Hyde Park Hostel in London.
–Thurs 6/15: Sars connects in Shannon and arrives in London at 2:15. I’ll probably get tickets for a cheap comedy at tkts, and we’ll spend another night at the hostel.
–Fri 6/15: We will fly out of London Stansted to Milan Malpensa at 8:30 in the morning, arrive and take a 45-minute shuttle to Milan, then a 3-hour train ride to Florence. Then we’ll meet up with James!
–Sun 6/17: Venice for the day! Sars is so excited.
–Tues or Weds: We fly out (for cheap!) to Paris.
–Rest of the time: Either Paris or something else. Maybe meeting up with Julia (I have to email her!!). Or Brussells and Bruges in Belgium.
–Tuesday 6/27: Sars and her friends fly out of London at 6 AM, connecting in Shannon. I fly out at the much more civilized hour of 10 AM, nonstop to home.

More as the story develops!