Okay, where we left off, James was being insane. Since then….

That night, we just couldn’t sleep. Well, James did, for an hour, but Sarah and I couldn’t, in spite of our earplugs. Once James woke up and we all kept tossing and turning, we just turned on the lights and decided to have a slumber party of sorts. We talked, told stories, etc….it was so nostalgic, playing sleepover games! (Don’t worry, there was NO truth or dare!)
We slept two hours. Then woke up at 6:15 to go to Venice.

Aside from being naturally grouchy, Sars and I grew out of that and had a great time in Venice with James. We started by walking through Santa Croce all the way to Piazza San Marco, stopping at this little restaurant called Osteria Vivaldi, which had good food (although wasn’t NEARLY as cheap as Let’s Go said) and was decorated in a Vivaldi theme, with instruments hanging from the ceiling. So cute — but you’d think that a place like that would play classical music and not early 90s hits!

We arrived in Piazza San Marco, and James dropped his camera while giving money to a gypsy (I told him “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!”) and he was upset, but it started working again when we got to the top of the Campanile, the bell tower. We had GREAT views of the entire island and the lagoon, and if the day had been clearer, we DEFINITELY would have been able to see all the way to Slovenia and Croatia. We probably did; it was just a gray mass in the distance.

After the Campanile, we took plenty of pictures and took the water bus (WHY does that cost 5 Euro a trip?!) and went to Murano, the glass island, where we watched a demonstration and browsed the glass boutiques. Since we didn’t take a gondola ride (SO expensive), I instead got a pair of Murano glass earrings for 15 Euro — they are so me: pink and black glass spheres with gold shining throughout!

In the end, we walked around Cannaregio, including an area where absolutely NO tourists were (which was nice). Sarah saw a woman teaching her son how to ride a bike! We got some food, then took the train back. Sars and I were CRAZY TIRED, as was James.

So this morning we slept in and decided not to go to Viareggio. We might do that tomorrow instead. Today we got Oil Shoppe for lunch, and we’re about to go get gelato and climb the Duomo. We’d go see Santa Croce, but it’s closed by now.

Overall, Venice was great, and I was especially glad that Sarah loved it. But I am never going back there in the summer EVER again! Too many tourists. It was much lovelier in November — quiet and a bit gloomy with overcast skies. I think Venice is one of the cities that looks better when it’s not-so-nice out.

Paris on Wednesday!

Also, hello to a few people that I met in London and have been reading this! You guys are awesome. 😀