O mon Dieu….this keyboard is French, which is very different from the US keyboard and even the Italy and UK keyboards, so it’s difficult to type, and I only have 8 minutes left at the cafe.

I AM IN PARIS!!!!! We made it, strike and all! Milan was kinda scary, since we stayed in the ghetto, but at least it was only an overnight.

Sars and I just got dinner at Café de L’Industrie, an awesome place by the Bastille where I went with my Florence roommates, and the escargot and salads were great. The only thing?


I can’t help it — I interject “solo” instead of “seulement,” “per” instead of “pour,” and worst of all, I actually said SI. This has never happened to me before. I don’t know why! I was fine last time in Paris, coming from Florence!

I gotta snap out of it.

Okay, computer is warning me time’s up. Keep on tranglin’.