We made it to Bruges (though it was no easy task, thanks to a lady who told us to take the wrong train and we ended up stealing a ride back to Brussels). This keyboard is even weirder than the French one. Damn Flemish.

That’s right — Flemish, as in the Flanders region of Belgium. And knowing French is barely an asset here because they don’t speak it!

I’m looking over that sentence and it seems sarcastic, but I’m really having a wonderful, wonderful time here in Europe with my sister. There’s no one I’d rather travel with. Our extended silences aren’t uncomfortable, and she feels the same way I do about wanting to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Paris was AWESOME yesterday. We ate amazing crepes and walked from the Marais to Ile St-Louis to the Louvre (we just went in to use the bathroom because we remembered you don’t have to pay to get into the lobby there!) to the Musée d’Orsay, where we actually visited. So much to describe.

We briefly walked through Brussels today, getting waffles and seeing the Mannekin Pis (google image it; you’ll be glad you did), and now we’re in Bruges, which has a country-town feeling and is absolutely beautiful.

Nothing more to write because the keyboard is bugging me, but this very may be my last blog entry abroad for quite some time. Oh, and I’m reading The Devil Wears Prada because Sars brought it. I haven’t read anything nonliterary in forever, so it’s absolutely DELIGHTFUL!! Can’t wait to see the movie, too.

I’d say something in Flemish but I don’t know any words! With the other language of Belgium, à bientot!