Well, it’s our last day in Bruges, and it’s RAINING!! Just a tad, but a storm is expected later today. And we were going to ride our bikes to the beach. The North Sea, in fact. So now it’s a bit up in the air — and we’ve done everything else there is to do in Bruges! Well, maybe we’ll rent bikes anyway and kamikaze bike all around the town, running down the occasional tourist or seven, as the hostel guide map suggests.

Greetings to Ben from Perth! I am meeting so many Bens in Europe….

Sars and I made a “how to speak Flemish” video. (It turns out that the Flemish language is Dutch. Huh.) I would love to put it on here, but I’m not sure how to get video onto the blog. Anyone know?

We did have an AWESOME meal the other night. At the Passage restuarant (next to the Passage hostel), I had a HUGE plate of Flemish Stew (basically beef stew in this awesome sauce) with tons of fries and a salad. SO GOOD — you should go there if you’re ever in Bruges.

TONS of good pictures taken….I can’t wait to put them on here!

Having an awesome time….can’t wait to backpack around Europe for a few months or so. And do it all.