I wrote this entry in Heathrow before we left. Here it is:

I am currently writing this from an internet kiosk at Heathrow. This is, by far, the worst internet place I’ve ever been — any site with “pornography” or “profanity” is blocked, which means I can’t access ANYTHING from blogger.com, including my blog and all my celebrity blogs! Sheesh. So I’m emailing this to myself and I’ll post it when I get home.

Sarah and I spent our last night hanging out with Tom, this awesome guy from Sydney.  He had been traveling all over Europe, and he had the best stories.

My favorite story from Tom was that when he was in Munich, he was gallavanting with a bunch of guys, and they ended up (drunkenly) jumping into this fountain. After a while, the police started asking them to get out of the fountain. They became progressively more forceful, but Tom refused to listen. Instead, he climbed to the top tier of the fountain, and then started a slow clap. Everyone started clapping along with him. Then he jumped off and did a somersault into the fountain (which was only about three feet deep!). He said that he was shocked to still be alive. And everyone cheered, including the police, who were more impressed than indignant.

My internet time is about to run out. See you in America!

After I wrote that, Sarah and I were hanging out in the one cafe open in the entire terminal, when a guy asked us if we needed a place to sleep. We said yes, and he took us over to a dark part of a dining room — and the long booth was covered with sleeping backpackers!! It was funny. There we were, all of us too cheap to spend money on a hostel. Since Sars’ flight was at 6:40 and mine was at 11, she let me sleep, which I did for a few hours (and my earplugs and sleep mask were, by far, the BEST things I brought on the trip with me). The flight home was uneventful (though I have to say that the movie Failure to Launch SUCKED!), and now we’re home, cozy and falling asleep by 9 PM.

I’ll be posting pictures shortly. Until then, happy travels, and I cannot WAIT until my next trip to Europe! I’ve thought out a 2-month Mediterranean-centric trip, starting in Athens and ending in Spain. I still have to go to Amsterdam, and I’d love to see more of Central Europe, as well as the places where my family comes from (especially Sicily and Latvia). And I love every moment of it — the living, the eating, the adventures, even sitting at home with a travel book. Music is who I am and what guides me in everything I do. But travel is my true passion.

After all, I did go on a date with my Let’s Go: Europe in London.