Our journey began in London. Since I had a different flight, I arrived at night on Wednesday and she didn’t arrive until the afternoon the next day. Which gave me time to have fun, sightsee and travel BY MYSELF — which I absolutely loved. I’m looking forward to traveling alone in the future.

I’ve been to London before (with Sars and my parents), so I didn’t feel compelled to do a lot. I just relaxed and had a good time.

Astor Hyde Park in London — quite close to being my favorite hostel of all time. I loved it and highly recommend it. They also had an (empty) Cadbury vending machine.

Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived until she died.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!

The London Eye — and the River Thames.

The best picture I could take of Westminster Abbey. It’s, like, the Duomo of London.

Buckingham Palace — I just missed the changing of the guard, but that was okay.

I love this picture — St. James’ Park (which reminds me UNCANNILY of Boston Common), with the view of the London Eye.

The Stag!!!

Sars arrived in one piece and we met some really cool guys from the DC area — Doug and Rob. They were really nice. We were going to meet up with them in Venice, but it didn’t work out — so if you guys ever check this, we had a blast with you!