Here are the rest of postworthy pictures from Florence.

Artists emulating Botticelli by Piazza della Repubblica.

I put a coin in il porcino’s mouth while rubbing his nose to guarantee a speedy return to Florence. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it had the adverse effect, considering that I had never done so before, yet returned quickly twice.)

A little boy gets so excited to ride a motorino!

Sars and I check out the best deals in Florence!

Lisa has loved this guy since we were abroad. She visited me in Florence and we ate at Le Collinine three times. This guy is the cashier at the restaurant, and he speaks no English. Lisa loved him because he’s a tall Italian — but he always had TONS of stuff in his pockets. Hence, what was written on the placemat. Lisa was THRILLED when she saw this!

The crowd for the World Cup game — there were thousands of people watching!

U-S-A! U-S-A! (The game was a tie, 1-1.)

We had the best seat there — just hoping on a very comfy motorino with a perfect view! (We were also near the corner of American students.)

A kid with an awful rat-tail sat in front of us.

In Milan, outside our ONE STAR HOTEL, which definitely lived up to its rating!