I’ve been so unfaithful to my blog! It’s been so busy, especially this week — interviewing like crazy, plus getting in and out of Boston. I can’t wait to move into town — it’ll be so much easier!

So I interviewed for quite a few jobs.

And I got an offer.

And I mulled it over.

And I called them back and asked extensive questions about benefits and bonuses and all that.

And I accepted it!

I am now a research assistant at a loyalty marketing company in Boston. It sounds like a really cool company.

But best of all, from the moment I walked in for my interview, I felt great. I ROCKED that interview better than I’ve ever rocked an interview — and I know I interview well, in general, but this was amazing. I clicked amazingly with the women who interviewed me, and we were laughing as much as we were asking and responding to questions. I walked around, looked around, and I felt, more than anywhere else, that I belonged there. I’d fit in perfectly. This just WORKED.

The complete package is great. And it’s located in a cool area of Boston. My dad says that area is REALLY up-and-coming — that there used to be a lot of dot-coms there, but after the bust, they went out of business and now a lot of new places are starting up. Plus, once Sars starts at Emerson, we’ll probably be meeting up for lunch.

So I start on the 31st. It makes me smile a bit — tons of the business students at Fairfield have had jobs even since last FALL, but they’re all starting them around now — and I just got mine!

Also — I ran into Jess Riu from Fairfield at the bar last night (I went out to Hong Kong (karaoke night!) and Sissy K’s with Lisa, Erica and Faith) — and she says she’s going to be moving to Boston soon! (I also screamed in her ear, since the music was really loud, “I’VE BEEN INTERVIEWING AND THEY ALL MAKE ME TALK ABOUT DOGWOOD AND WE HARDLY DID ANYTHING!” She was bemused.)

I also ran into Stacey Campbell from Fairfield — one of my roommates in Florence! She has a job in Boston — I think it’s at a marketing firm on Atlantic Ave — and right now she’s commuting from DRACUT. That’s a twenty-minute drive to Lowell (and Lowell is not the nicest place), and I think the train takes almost an hour to get from there to Boston. And I thought Reading was far! We ran into each other as we got off the train, actually, since I took it from Woburn that day, because they have a huge parking lot. (It was actually the day of my interview at the cool place.) She said that Lindsay, her best friend and one of our other Florence roommates, has a job in Boston, too. She’s from Wayland, so that should be easier.

Oh, and at karaoke last night, the four of us sang “You Shook Me All Night Long” and dedicated it to the Reading High Class of 2002, since that was our prom song. We also sang it under the pseudonyms “Kristy, Claudia, Dawn and Mallory.” Guess which one was which.