Vita Tuesday, Aug 29 2006 

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? 😀 It’s awesome….I never thought that I’d luck out this much. My coworkers are hilarious.

I’ve been looking into moving out, but it looks like I won’t be able to for a few months. That really frustrates me, especially with the whole half-and-half divorced parents living situation (I’m really too old to be doing that at 22!) And that’s so tough to deal with. But financially, it’s going to be REALLY tough. Especially since my habit of never buying anything (for example, I buy clothes right after my birthday and Christmas, THAT’S IT) is starting to catch up to me. I need more stuff. I’m tired of wearing the same stuff every day. I need to buy a lot of CLOTHES, start establishing some credit (I thought I was, but I wasn’t actually) and cut up my Victoria’s Secret Angel Card. (They don’t send me coupons anymore, so there are exactly zero benefits to having one.)

In terms of an apartment, what would be ideal? Neighborhood-wise, someplace nice, and beautiful, and near a LOT of stuff. RIGHT by the T, as well as some bars. I’m not picky about the neighborhood — my preference is going to Brookline/Brighton/Allston, but I’d do Cambridge/Somerville too. I don’t see myself living in Dorchester, and I can’t afford any of the nice neighborhoods right in Boston. I loved having tons of roommates in Florence, and I would love to do that again (provided there are PLENTY of bathrooms). As for living with guys….I’m leaning towards no on that. (Maybe I should consider that, though. Guys are mostly drama-free.) I’d love living in a house with tons of people, but I really have no preference. And I’d like to pay under $500.

I should stop thinking about it….all the Craigslist ads at the moment are all “WE NEED SEPT 1 NOW!!!!!!! 420FRIENDLY”. Yeah.

Other tidbits:

–Sars moves into Emerson on Sunday. God, she’s all grown up now. And she gets to go to COLLEEEEEEEGE!

–Lisa started grad school at UNH today. Check out my AIM profile for a great convo on that.

–The Emmys were awesome — because of CONAN O’BRIEN!!! Love that man!!!

–The Step Up soundtrack is pretty great too — loved the movie, but the soundtrack is great on its own, too. It’s a perfect mix of hip hop and r&b.

–I can’t remember what I blog, so forgive me if I repeat.

–I bought a great book today: “Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show” by Geoffrey Nunberg. It’s about political linguistics, which is really interesting. At the moment, the conservatives are thriving, due to how they work well with language and communication. This shows a lot of how Democrats can crawl out and start communicating better. It’s really good stuff! I’ve never bought a political nonfiction book before, but I guess it was time. I saw the author on the Colbert Report.

–You know it’s hard out here!


I miss Italy Sunday, Aug 27 2006 

Yesterday was Lisa’s last hurrah before starting grad school at UNH, so we went out with Janelle and Lisa’s friend Emily to the Saint Anthony Festival in the North End. This is pretty much the biggest of the North End festivals, and it was awesome.

I actually don’t go to the North End too often, especially since going abroad, but I know that Italian America isn’t anything like Italy. I didn’t think it would make me nostalgic or anything — but it did. It was seeing the word “Gelateria” illuminated in neon on Hanover Street. (Gelato here still isn’t like gelato in Italy.) I miss it so much — just walking down my two flights of steps, turning left, crossing Via de Benci and walking down Via dei Neri to get gelato at Neri. I would have gelato nearly every day in Florence….

I was thinking about it the other day. After living in Italy for a substantial amount of time, you never really get over getting away from the food. Italy IS food. Life revolves around it. And even in Boston’s neighborhood, it’s worlds away from the trattorie of Florence.

The festival was great. There was dancing in the street (though Lisa and I were the lone spectators that did the chicken dance), a little boy in the monk costume, a parade of Saint Anthony with ribbons with dollar bills attached to them (people attached them when they prayed to him), and TONS of stalls, food and games. And they got a lot of true Italian things right — like the chocolate-covered fruit skewers (like at the Santa Croce Christmas Fair during the entire month of December, even though it was a technically German fair) and especially the STALLS OF FAKE SUNGLASSES! Oh man, if nothing else, THAT was the most Italian part of the night!

I wonder if I’ll ever move back for a period of time. I’d really like to live all over the world. Who knows what will happen?

So long Wednesday, Aug 23 2006 

I know, I know, it’s been forever. But I really have been insanely busy.

Went out with this guy James a few times. We had fun, but it kind of fizzled out. But I’ll share a quote from the night we met.

Me: “THAT’S the name of your band?!”
James: “What’s wrong with it?!”
Me: “That’s HILARIOUS!! Tell Lisa and Alexa! You have to tell them!!”
Lisa: “What’s going on?”
Me: “Ask him what’s the name of his band.”
Alexa: “Okay, what’s the name of your band?”
James: “Rosenthal.”

Oh, man.

Goings-on Saturday, Aug 12 2006 

I’ve been so busy. I guess this blog is never going to be as frequently updated as it used to be.

I’ve been using a LOT of French at work! Spanish, too! No more details than that….I did need a Spanish-speaking guy to help me out….but it was awesome. And I’ve helped out a few other people, whether it’s calling places that only speak French, or translating the French on web sites. I love it.

And Flavor of Love — what a disturbing show! But you know how much I love it. It might even be better than Celebrity Fit Club now. That show is great as well — I love Bone Crusher! “God damn, you’re fat!”

Just walked the lake for the first time in a while. It felt like it took FOREVER.

Loving happy hour. Went out with Lisa and Alexa (who came home for a bit!) on Thursday, and with my coworkers Gareth and Mike yesterday. Yet another step in the whole “I belong here” working in Boston situation.

Life is still great!

Bright-eyed Wednesday, Aug 9 2006 

You know, I’m probably going to look back at this and either laugh or just shake my head in disbelief or think about how naive I was, but I want to say this: I love working because it FINALLY gives me something to DO!! Having the summer off was great, but now I’m glad that I have stuff to do, and especially that I have money.

(It’s not THAT much money, though. I got my first paycheck today and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how much was taken out for taxes. Definitely not as cool as getting to directly pocket your money, like when I was waitressing, but this job is INFINITELY better than waitressing!)

And it’s weird, and I’m going to regret saying this, but I really do like commuting! I feel like I’ve finally joined the club. For the past few years, especially, it’s been absolutely no question that I would be working in a city as soon as I graduated, and it would probably Boston. Now I’ve joined the Commuter Club. I get to dress all business casual and keep that faraway/ever-so-slightly annoyed expression on my face. But underneath it, I’m grinning.

I even like it in the morning, when I listen to upbeat music (some favorite songs: Beyonce’s “Deja Vu” and Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky”) and get off the T early and walk the rest of the way. (Not all the way from North Station, though. I absolutely HATE the walk between North Station and State Street.)

Ah, yes. I’m all bright-eyed at my new job, and still marveling at the novelty of it. But I seriously, seriously love the people with — my training group. They are AWESOME.

So, in a nutshell, it’s nice to have something consume my life for now.

And, since I’m planning on trying to move out sometime this fall, I checked out the newspaper to get an idea of the costs of different neighborhoods — and THEN I went on craigslist and it was so much cheaper!! So THAT is where I am going to look! I actually saw a few that looked really good for now. But not yet. I need to save up. Craigslist is always addicting, if only just to see what other people have written.

That’s all for now. I’ve been wanting to get more sleep, so soon it’ll be time for bed. Scary, huh?

"To Lady Luck!" Saturday, Aug 5 2006 

I had one of the luckiest days of my life yesterday.

Every train I waited for (except the last) arrived within 30 seconds of my getting to the station.

I found twenty dollars on the floor at North Station.

And then Lisa, Beth and I won $25 playing Keno.

It’s quite a good life.

Tonight is my 22nd birthday celebration with my friends. Erica wants me to wear a “Birthday Girl” tiara so we get lots of free drinks. 😀

Working Lady Friday, Aug 4 2006 

I’m really enjoying my job. I really am! I especially love my coworkers — really smart, funny, nice people. I can’t wait until I start doing a lot more work.

The early wakeup (5:45 AM) isn’t quite as nice — and I nearly had a heart attack on the first day, when I was eight minutes late because, first, the commuter rail was 20 minutes late — and then I was riding the orange line and it got STUCK ON THE TRACKS! It was terrible. I vaulted myself out of Downtown Crossing, rather than taking the red line one stop to South Station, and just running the whole way.

Thank God, I wasn’t alone. My coworker Nadine, who’s becoming a friend of mine, was on the same orange line train. We showed up at the same time and were told that we weren’t even late — we were two minutes early, in fact.

The commute REALLY takes up a lot of time, and I HATE the commuter rail, but I do like the T….feeling important….being all businesslike….checking out the cute guys in their polo shirts and laptop bags.

And my birthday — my 22nd — was really nice, and I can’t believe I got over thirty messages on facebook! Last year I got, like, five!

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for the messages. They mean so much to me. Especially the ones from people I don’t speak to that often.

Twenty-two. How bout that. Yellow-yellow.

Tomorrow is happy hour either with my coworkers or Lisa, and then Saturday, a bunch of us are going to Sissy K’s — Lisa, Erica, Faith and Kara! 😀 I love that place….and it will be cool to be the birthday girl.

I love Boston and I love how my life’s going lately!