I’m really enjoying my job. I really am! I especially love my coworkers — really smart, funny, nice people. I can’t wait until I start doing a lot more work.

The early wakeup (5:45 AM) isn’t quite as nice — and I nearly had a heart attack on the first day, when I was eight minutes late because, first, the commuter rail was 20 minutes late — and then I was riding the orange line and it got STUCK ON THE TRACKS! It was terrible. I vaulted myself out of Downtown Crossing, rather than taking the red line one stop to South Station, and just running the whole way.

Thank God, I wasn’t alone. My coworker Nadine, who’s becoming a friend of mine, was on the same orange line train. We showed up at the same time and were told that we weren’t even late — we were two minutes early, in fact.

The commute REALLY takes up a lot of time, and I HATE the commuter rail, but I do like the T….feeling important….being all businesslike….checking out the cute guys in their polo shirts and laptop bags.

And my birthday — my 22nd — was really nice, and I can’t believe I got over thirty messages on facebook! Last year I got, like, five!

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH for the messages. They mean so much to me. Especially the ones from people I don’t speak to that often.

Twenty-two. How bout that. Yellow-yellow.

Tomorrow is happy hour either with my coworkers or Lisa, and then Saturday, a bunch of us are going to Sissy K’s — Lisa, Erica, Faith and Kara! 😀 I love that place….and it will be cool to be the birthday girl.

I love Boston and I love how my life’s going lately!