You know, I’m probably going to look back at this and either laugh or just shake my head in disbelief or think about how naive I was, but I want to say this: I love working because it FINALLY gives me something to DO!! Having the summer off was great, but now I’m glad that I have stuff to do, and especially that I have money.

(It’s not THAT much money, though. I got my first paycheck today and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how much was taken out for taxes. Definitely not as cool as getting to directly pocket your money, like when I was waitressing, but this job is INFINITELY better than waitressing!)

And it’s weird, and I’m going to regret saying this, but I really do like commuting! I feel like I’ve finally joined the club. For the past few years, especially, it’s been absolutely no question that I would be working in a city as soon as I graduated, and it would probably Boston. Now I’ve joined the Commuter Club. I get to dress all business casual and keep that faraway/ever-so-slightly annoyed expression on my face. But underneath it, I’m grinning.

I even like it in the morning, when I listen to upbeat music (some favorite songs: Beyonce’s “Deja Vu” and Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky”) and get off the T early and walk the rest of the way. (Not all the way from North Station, though. I absolutely HATE the walk between North Station and State Street.)

Ah, yes. I’m all bright-eyed at my new job, and still marveling at the novelty of it. But I seriously, seriously love the people with — my training group. They are AWESOME.

So, in a nutshell, it’s nice to have something consume my life for now.

And, since I’m planning on trying to move out sometime this fall, I checked out the newspaper to get an idea of the costs of different neighborhoods — and THEN I went on craigslist and it was so much cheaper!! So THAT is where I am going to look! I actually saw a few that looked really good for now. But not yet. I need to save up. Craigslist is always addicting, if only just to see what other people have written.

That’s all for now. I’ve been wanting to get more sleep, so soon it’ll be time for bed. Scary, huh?