Tomorrow night I’m going to be that creepy alum still partying with the college kids. Yep, I’m going to be bringing sexy back to Fairfield U this weekend.

I really don’t want to be that creepy alum, though. Tomorrow Lauren was going to throw a “The LSATs are over”-themed party. Today she called me, though, and said that it’s going to be more like a small gathering than a big party. I’m still going to Fairfield, though. I can’t wait to see James! I haven’t seem him since Sars and I visited him in Florence!

So we’ll see what’s going on, either at Lauren’s or on campus or both. I know it’s going to be an awesome time, and I’m excited to stay at James and Mike’s apartment. I just don’t want to go to some random party and have people be all like, “You’re back already?!” I mean, it’ll still be September.

And then I realize that whenever I worry about what people think about me, I remind myself that that’s irrelevant.

I don’t care about anything! And besides, I’m not going back to bask in nostalgia of the hedonism being a college student allows. I’m not going to go back and reminisce with tears in my eyes. I got all of my crying done during senior week. (I was a puddle. Senior Farewell, the toast to our college years at Kara’s house, graduation dinner with my parents, and driving home while listening to Glee Club CDs — NOT a smart idea for the emotional, I was crying the whole time.)

I’m going back to see my friends. And James is one of my best friends. And I love Mike and Lauren and I miss the whole group that spent their time with the Trifecta!

It’s going to be fun.

I hope to have pictures.

Work has been going well. Last night was the first company-wide event we had since I’ve been there. Basically, everyone went out to the Blue Wave Lounge, which is just down the street from work. It was a lot of fun (which was great) and I didn’t get too drunk (which was even BETTER!). And everything’s such a web — I found out that one of my coworkers, who trained my class, her best college friend is the sister of my sister’s best friend!

So yeah, that’s the main reason why I’m here writing this on a Friday night. I drank last night and I’m planning for a moderate shitshow tomorrow. I’m too tired to write during the week, and I miss it. This is my luxury, and I love it.

The other day I went shopping at Express, to try on skinny jeans ONE FINAL TIME (with my highest heels) and to see if I could ever, EVER pull them off. Of course, the answer was a resounding no.

But then I discovered the Stylist Pant.


I bought two pairs. I bought them in black and a black-and-silver type of denim. And they are SO flattering. The waist is reasonably low but doesn’t cut across your hips — it’s just below your belly button. They make your butt look AWESOME, and the flare starts just above your knees, which makes your legs look longer. Pair them with 3″ boots and your legs go on for DAYS. I can’t get enough out of them.

(And my mom wants to get a pair, too, but that’s another story.)

It’s weird, but I find myself only buying black clothes lately….and primarily wearing black, too. And I swear it’s not the influence of the divine Angelina. I really, really like wearing all black whenever I can.

And now that I’m off the recapping of my life subject, I make the usual turn into something deeper. It’s about being single. Recently I was feeling that little feeling when I think that it would be really nice to have a boyfriend. So I thought about it….and you know what? I actually don’t want anything right now! I want to stay completely away! I don’t have TIME for a guy! Between work, the 15 hours of commuting a week (seriously) and a project that I’ve taken on with some people, in addition to a social life, I’m more than booked up. It’s crazy.

It feels SO GOOD to just step back and think, with a huge smile, that I’m as happy as I could be — being by myself. And you know, I have the feeling that I’m going to be like that for the bulk of my life. A bit of a Samantha Jones, if you will, but with obvious differences.

But yeah….that’s about it for tonight.

So, who’s totally in love with Joey Lawrence on Dancing With the Stars?