Again, it’s been a while. It’s tough to keep up with this when I have a 13-hour day, from when I wake up until I get home. But here goes.

Going back to Fairfield was a really great time. It was awesome seeing my friends, and James and Mike were wonderful hosts. We went to a party at Lauren’s house off-campus, a gathering at Joe Duffy’s townhouse, and ended up at quite the interesting bar in Westport. I drank copious amounts of alcohol, since there was a really hot guy giving out shots at the bar. Might as well go back to college 100%.

In retrospect, it was probably a little too early to go back — but I don’t care. It was just great to see my friends, since so many of them are seniors at FU this year. I’m really hoping to make it to the Philadelphia concert, but when my schedule changes, I’m not sure that that will be possible.

And Kelly came up to Woburn! She’s working for admissions at St. Joe’s in Philadelphia, and this month they’re sending her up to Massachusetts — staying in the next town over! I went over to see her, and we went to Joe’s, MY Joe’s, since it was right down the street. And we had Adriana, who was my favorite coworker — she’s Brazilian and got everyone to start calling me Cleuza, which is the name of a character on a Brazilian soap opera. They all thought I looked just like her — do you agree? And a bunch of my favorite former coworkers were there, so it was great. We definitely got VIP treatment! (I have to say, though, the calamari was disappointing — it was overgrown and enormous, which you think would be better, but I liked it tiny!)

We then went to Venetian Moon, the fabled Martini Bar, so I could show her Reading and bring her to one of my favorite local haunts (being pretty much the only bar in town that isn’t a Chili’s). We had some delicious martinis — key lime pie for me and chocolate for her — and mingled with scary men and some people that I recognized from Reading High as being a year younger than me. THAT was weird.

Kelly’s coming up next week, too, and she’s going to stay over at my house this time.

And tonight Alexa’s coming home for a little bit! I’m loving it. It’s a full-fledged reunion, these past few weeks. Grant is with her, and we’re going out to Fire & Ice with Lisa tonight — they love that place. And then Lisa and I read about a pub crawl that we might check out the scene on or actually take part it….

And Sars is home this weekend, too, but of course, is spending the bulk of it with her friends, who are all home from college for the first time.

I’ve resumed my research for apartments, but I just can’t get over how much money I’m saving by being at home….I think that it might come to me holding off until March or so, when the heating costs are lower. Think of all that money being saved….it’s going in my travel-around-the-world-for-a-year fund.

Time to get ready for the day — keep on tranglin’!