People say that it takes time to adjust to a haircut. So should it be a surprise that I know exactly how many milimeters (1.6) it’s grown since I chopped it off?

Seriously. This is the biggest mistake of my life.

At least I can still pull it into a French twist, albeit with a LOT of bobby pins.

By Christmas, it’ll be shoulder-length, and I guess that will be somewhat normal. But I can’t wait until it hangs all the way down my back again, long and curly. I had it SO GOOD! I never knew it!!

At work, I got the nicest thank you from the guy whose proposal I planned. His girlfriend said yes! 🙂 I’m thrilled. He told me he’s going to call me this week so that his girlfriend can tell me, too! Can you believe that?! I’m thrilled for them.

How ironic is that, me planning a marriage proposal?! Hahaha. It was fun, though. As long as it wasn’t for myself. SINGLE AND FABULOUS, BABY!

I have a ton of pics to post about last Friday night with Lisa and Erica and our shirts that we had guys write on — I’m still amused that my coworker Luca had to draw a nipple on me, using the hot pink marker, of course. LOL.

It’s so nice to write — with the commute and everything, I always feel completely drained, like I don’t have time for anything. But as I’ve said before, I couldn’t work anywhere else than Boston. And I’ll live there in a few months. (Might as well save the money now, though! My savings account runneth over!)

And, of course, now I can’t think of anything to write about.

It’s always like that, isn’t it?