Oh my God.

To think that I thought this morning’s commute would be the worst part of the day.

First, though, here’s a review of my commute: first I drive to the Reading Depot, where I park for free (with my resident parking sticker, which is $25.00 per year) and then either take the train to North Station in Boston or switch to the orange line on the T (the subway) at Malden Center, then take it to Downtown Crossing, where I usually walk to work. If it’s cold or rainy, I switch to the red line and take it one stop to South Station, and I walk to work from there.


Drive to Reading Depot: 7 minutes
(wait time: app. 3 minutes)
Train to Boston: 30 minutes
(walk/wait time: 6 minutes)
T to Downtown Crossing: 5 minutes
Walk to work: 15 minutes

I’ve had problems, but today was, by FAR, the worst.

I usually get on the second-to-last car because the last one usually has the uncomfortable kind of seats, the kind in which you’re always pitching forward slightly. So I got in the second-to-last car and it was the kind with the uncomfortable seats! I settled down, noticing that the hoodie on my sweater made it worse, then I squished myself into an interesting position with my awesome book (Tales of a Female Nomad — I also just finished Julie and Julia, which was great, too).

And then the lights went out.

The generator exploded.


I could still read a tiny bit, and since I was getting off 10 minutes early at Malden, it didn’t matter to me. I’ve been reading a lot of travelogues lately, and I decided, at least I’m not on a derailing train in the middle of the desert in Pakistan!

So I got off and went on to have a mostly uneventful day.

On the way home, I decided to take the slightly longer walk, since it was such a nice night. (And I absolutely LOVE that it’s dark when I leave work now — when I cross the channel, I get an unparalleled view of the Financial District all lit up!) As a result, I ended up walking into North Station at 5:32, missing the earlier train at 5:30.

No problem, I thought to myself. I usually get the 5:52 anyway. I’m listening to my awesome new John Legend album and I can wait 20 minutes.


It was delayed.

There were problems with the Reading/Haverhill line. They never said exactly what it was. All I know was that the first train didn’t come until 6:20 — and it didn’t stop in Reading! They skipped all the close stops and only went to the ones between Reading and Haverhill — also known as the stops THAT DON’T MATTER.

I kept waiting. I listened to my favorite songs on the album (“Heaven,” “P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)” and “Again,” which are all worthy downloads) several times, then read my book for awhile. The annoying kids next to me blasted “Smack Dat” and “Lips of an Angel” (God, I hate that song) on their phones. Ugh. I tried to counter it with some Boyz II Men.

Furthermore, there were NO CUTE GUYS THERE.

About half an hour, there was another Haverhill-bound train — only it was starting in WEST MEDFORD, thus skipping Reading AGAIN!!!

I kept waiting and the 6:15 train, which had been delayed forever, never came. I called my dad, but he was at the movies seeing The Departed. My mom was at the dentist. And then my mom came home and I told her that I kept thinking the train was going to come but it wasn’t….she told me to take the orange line to Oak Grove and she’d pick me up. I always feel bad when I ask her to do that. It’s 20 minutes from her house, which isn’t that bad, but it always feels much further than it is.

It took me 15 minutes to get from North Station to Oak Grove. That’s it. And I had spent an hour and a half in North Station.

Well, I guess it could have been worse — I could have resorted to taking the 137 bus! Hahaha. That bus always scared me when I was in high school and worked at CVS.

I am EXHAUSTED. Time to take a shower and hopefully fall into bed by 10:30.