This list was taken from First-Time Around the World. I’ve done some of them already. Here is the list, along with the example given, what I’ve done, and what I want to do:

1) Find your own private, desolate beach. Example: Tasman National Park, Australia.

Have I done it? Not private and deserted, I haven’t.

Where would I do it? Thailand, unquestionably. Or maybe Australia, or even Vietnam. Or the Seychelles or the coast of Uruguary….

2) Pick up some local trends. Example: Henna in Jaipur, India.

Have I done it? Nothing that outlandish.

Where would I do it? I’d get henna, or maybe even a tattoo somewhere, something from a culture that I really identified with, if it turned out to be permanent.

3) Take a cooker course. Example: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Have I done it? No.

Where would I do it? Chiang Mai. They’re the best for cooking courses, and Thailand has the best cuisine that I don’t know how to cook! Or maybe India.

4) Lose your guidebook and wander the backstreets of a city. Example: Dublin, Ireland.

Have I done it? Yes. For a bit in Venice when Sars got mad and started walking away from me and James, to an area in Cannaregio where there were absolutely NO tourists. I also walked around Kensington in London for a bit this summer….did a little walking around in Florence all the times I’ve been there….

Where would I do it? I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it anywhere that I felt unsafe, so I would probably be most likely to do it in the safest countries: New Zealand and anywhere in Scandinavia.

5) Meet locals who share your interests. Example: Beach volleyball in the USA.

Have I done it? Perhaps….the first time I was in Rome, I hung out on the Spanish Steps at night and sang with some guys who were all playing guitar — songs like Wonderwall, Hey Jude, Hotel California, stuff like that.

Where would I do it? I’d like to join some kind of volunteer group somewhere, or maybe work on a kibbutz in Israel. But mostly, I’d like to start playing piano somewhere, anywhere, and have everyone sing their favorite songs and I’d do requests and we’d play and sing EVERYTHING….God, it’s been forever since I’ve done that. Besides the party and playing and singing with Mark’s choir friends….I miss it.

6) Climb a mountain. Example: Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Have I done it? No way.

Where would I do it? I’d love to climb Kili, but I know I’m not nearly physically fit enough to do it. I’d eventually like to do Everst base camp and trek Annapurna as well.

7) Raft the rapids. Example: Haruru Falls, New Zealand.

Have I done it? No, not yet.

Where would I do it? New Zealand, most definitely! And maybe the Zambezi in Zimbabwe, but those are pretty much the badassest rapids in the world, so it might be a bit much for me. Especially since the river is infested with crocodiles.

8) Check out a sporting event. Example: Soccer in Greece.

Have I done it? Somewhat. While I wasn’t at the game physically, watching the World Cup in Florence on huge screens with thousands of Florentines was exhilarating.

Where would I do it? I’d watch soccer anywhere in the world, especially in Europe. Maybe rugby somewhere. I don’t think I’d be able to take the slowness of cricket in the U.K.

9) Try the street food. Example: Scorpions in Thailand.

Have I done it? Nothing that outlandish! Mostly crepes in France.

Where would I do it? I’d go to the street markets in Malaysia and Singapore. Bring on the blood soup, ox eyeballs, live octopus….seriously! I’d try it. Anything but cow lips in Madagascar.

10) Go on a safari. Example: Matusadona National Park, Zimbabwe.

Have I done it? No.

Where would I do it? Masai Mara in Kenya. It’s cheapest to go there. But I wouldn’t rule out the Serengeti in Tanzania, Chobe National Park in Botswana, or the gorilla jungles in Rwanda and Uganda if I had unlimited funds.

11) Try out a new sport. Example: Mountainboarding in the USA.

Have I done it? YES!! Paragliding and canyon jumping in Interlaken, Switzerland!

Where would I do it? I would go whitewater rafting or skydiving anywhere. I’d love to go across a canyon in a zip line. Duneboarding in Swakopmund, Namibia, most definitely! And I loved Interlaken so much, I definitely want to return and go canyoning. (It’s different from canyon jumping.)

12) Head underwater by scuba diving or snorkeling. Example: Fiji.

Have I done it? No.

Where would I do it? I wouldn’t go scuba diving, ever. I know of a few people who have died from scuba-related accidents, and I wouldn’t want to risk it. Besides, I wouldn’t want to go night diving. Darkness and water would be the worst. But I’d love to snorkel somewhere tropical, even though I’d be swimming amongst fish. I’m normally afraid of the fish in lakes, but maybe tropical fish would be different.

13) Wake up early to visit sights before the crowds come. Example: Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy.

Have I done it? Oh, yes! Castle Hill in Budapest! We were there by 7:30 AM and we were the first ones there! We outdid Frommer that day….

Where would I do it? The Taj Mahal or anywhere else strikingly beautiful and/or crowded, especially if it were full of ignorant American tourists.

14) Take a bath at a traditional hammam. Example: Istanbul, Turkey.

Have I done it? No.

Where would I do it? Turkey, of course! I’d love to go to Istanbul.

15) Go underground and explore the subterranean world. Example: Skocjan caves, Slovenia.

Have I done it? No.

Where would I do it? Anywhere! I have always wanted to go to Slovenia….I wanted to go into the Blue Grotto in Capri, but the waves were too high all weekend.

16) Spend the night somewhere unusual. Example: Ice Hotel, Sweden.

Have I done it? Does the airport count? Because I’ve slept on a bench in London Heathrow Airport and it was kind of fun!

Where would I do it? I’d love to stay in a Sassi in southern Italy, a home carved out of stone in the cliffs. And the ice hotel would be cool, but I’d probably go to the one in Quebec City instead.

17) Spend a few days in the jungle. Example: Coba, Mexico.

Have I done it? No.

Where would I do it? ANYWHERE. Probably Latin America.

18) Put your locks in the hands of a local barber. Example: China.

Have I done it? Yes — I got my hair cut in Florence during spring break. It was the best haircut I’ve ever had — and she didn’t use a single styling product on it.

Where would I do it? Maybe India. The women there have long hair, so people probably don’t cut it too short. Not Asia or Africa, because people wouldn’t be used to hair like mine.

19) Learn a language. Example: Spanish classes in Latin America.

Have I done it? Yes. Italian in Florence, French in Rouen, and I’ve tried to speak at least a few words of the local language wherever I’ve been, including German, Hungarian, Czech and Flemish!

Where would I do it? I’d love to improve my Spanish, learn Romanian and Portuguese (so I’ll have all the Romance languages) and learn at least one Asian language — so there are plenty of options. Indonesian is pretty easy to learn, too.

20) Bargain at the market. Example: Damascus, Syria.

Have I done it? Yes, in Florence, Budapest, Lucca and possibly other places. Not too hardcore, though.

Where would I do it? I’d have to do it in most places.

21) Ride a bicycle. Example: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Have I done it? I haven’t ridden a bike in years! Sars and I were going to rent them in Bruges and bike to the North Sea, but that didn’t work out.

Where would I do it? The Netherlands, Austria, and anywhere that has them for rent.

22) Sample the local firewater. Example: Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany.

Have I done it? OH, yes. Jenever in Bruges!!! That is the classic example. It tastes like apple juice, but don’t let that fool you!! I’ve also sampled plenty of red wine in Italy, Pilsner Urquell beer in Czech Republic, and I’ve had absinthe in Rome.

Where would I do it? I would be extremely careful about it, since I’d be going alone, but I’d always be up for sampling the local beer or wine. I might draw the line at fermented cow’s milk in Mongolia.

23) Take a literary journey with your favorite book. Example: Charles Dickens in London, England.

Have I done it? I haven’t been specific to a book anywhere, though I’ve been many places where books took place.

Where would I do it? Pamplona and San Sebastian, Spain. The Sun Also Rises is my favorite book. And maybe Catania for 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed. That is one sexy book.

24) Participate in a festival. Example: La Tomatina, Bunol, Spain.

Have I done it? Not exactly….or at all.

Where would I do it? I think La Tomatina sounds awesome!! A day of throwing tomatoes at random people in the streets?! I’d love to do that! And also the Full Moon Party on Koh Pha Ngan in Thailand.