I think it’s safe to say now that things are going even BETTER at work! It’s just really great on so many levels….

I’ve been thinking more about the hours. I was really skeptical about working so late, especially the whole walking-alone-at-night part, but I’m feeling much better about it. I had a thought. Everything happens for a reason, some for more obvious reasons than others. I think that this schedule is a gift — now I’m going to be able to write! I’ve been feeling the inspiration in me lately, and I have a lengthy project that I’d like to start working on. By not working until 2:00, I can easily write an hour in the morning, every morning. I could work out, too, or write even longer.

I don’t think I want to say much about what I’ll be writing….it IS a memoir, and a lot of the inspiration comes from what I’ve been reading lately (which is pretty much all memoirs. I’ve been reading tons.). I will say that most if not all names and possibly some identifying details will be changed.

Lisa was telling me last night that she’s taking a class on memoirs at UNH, and she finds that it’s disappointing if there isn’t a kind of transformation in it. I’ll have to figure out how to put that in. I trust Lisa’s opinion, not just because she’s so smart and a graduate student in composition, but also because we love a lot of the same books.

I’ll have to come up with an angle. That’s a tough part, too. My problem is that I don’t think I’m a very likable person, so I’ll have to work extremely hard to get that to show in the writing. I can’t make myself seem like too much of a victim, either. But at least I know how to be honest, even when it’s painful and/or embarrassing.

I went out to dinner in the North End (at Caffe Pompeii, where we went after our senior prom!) with Lisa and a few of her friends from Holy Cross, including Emily, whom I had spent time with before, and Carissa, who applied for a job at my workplace a while back. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad that I know more people around Boston.

After that, we walked around and the other girls left, so Lisa and I went to Hong Kong (of COURSE!). Karaoke was particularly awesome — they were singing all the good songs like Don’t Stop Believing, Hey Jude, Sweet Caroline, Walk This Way, and all that good stuff. It also SO wasn’t the opposite of a sausage fest!! The odds were very much in our favor. We met some funny guys, and then a very drunk guy who came over to ask me to marry him, and a guy who looked like Lisa’s dad but definitely didn’t act like him!

Later on we went upstairs to dance and after a while, we saw some people we knew from Reading High! They were from the class lower than us. We saw “Nick not Vissochi” from Drama Club, and it took us a few minutes to remember that his last name was Carlson, and a bunch of other people. It wasn’t like the usual awkward run-in on Election Day or whatnot.

Oh, about the election — I voted, and EVERYONE I voted for was elected. I am THRILLED that the Democrats took over BOTH the House and the Senate — I was expecting them to get the House, but thought they’d just miss the Senate — and that Rumsfeld’s out. He should have been out years ago. I love that Bush totally should have kicked him out BEFORE the election if he wanted voters to take him seriously! Really, Wednesday was the best day ever, between the election aftermath and BRITNEY LEAVING K-FED!!

Also….I am so content right now. I’m always striving for something in life, but now — I think because things are so great at work — I’m just happy. I’m smiling. I’m loving being single and not having to worry about a guy. I get so excited when planning my trip around the world, and I’m fine that it won’t be for a few years….at least right now!!

In short, life is good — really good — and I’m just….CONTENT! I’m not often like that. I’m always at one emotional extreme. But it’s all really good right now.