Okay. I did my first late shift. And it was actually really fun! I think I’m going to like it. There’s a great group on Sunday nights.

I’ve been wondering about music with explicit lyrics. Just what is it that makes music explicit? I know that it’s easy to see why hip-hop gets that label, but that’s because it’s filled with profanity. What about the music in between? Just what is it that tips it over the edge?

Here are a few examples.

–Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex/Love Sounds. It has explicit lyrics. I have that album, and I can tell you that he drops the f-word twice in the entire album, and that’s IT (except for maybe the rap on My Love — but I’m not sure of the lyrics). That’s IT.
–Gwen Stefani’s Love.Angel.Music.Baby. It does NOT have explicit lyrics. Yet Hollaback Girl has a chorus of “Ooh, this my shit, this my shit.” It gets bleeped out on the radio — why doesn’t the album get an explicit rating?
–Fergie’s The Dutchess. Not a traditional album by any stretch, but very similar to Gwen’s first album, in that it has a song with a chorus of “Oh shit!” Now, that gets an explicit rating, and it seems appropriate.

I guess what it all comes down to is what the artist wants to convey. Justin wants to be badass, Gwen wants to appeal to pre-teens, and Fergie’s the only one who has the right rating for her album.


In other explicit music-related news, I absolutely LOVE Jay-Z’s new song, Show Me What You Got. I never thought he’d be one of those rappers who retires and comes back and retires and comes back….I’m glad he’s back, because I love his music, but I hate when people do that!!