You know, I even surprised myself at the crazy biography I created for myself as I was chatted with by a guy who was possibly homeless on the Scary Shuttle between Wellington and Oak Grove.

I ended up telling him my name was Linda and I was of Tajikistani descent.

I didn’t plan that.

He just kept asking if I were European, or Spanish, and I just said “No,” and I felt bad ignoring him since he seemed to be genuinely nice, albeit slightly scary. So what else could I pass for? I figured I’d just let him assume that Tajikistanis look vaguely European, rather than more Asian. He seemed to think it was in the Middle East, so that worked.

It’s so weird — I’m always on my guard, and I’m never sure whether I should speak to anyone at all. I’d be find just hiding behind my book and not saying anything, or staring straight ahead. But I don’t want to be excessively cautious, and being a bitch for no reason at all. But the second you let your guard down, that’s when you get raped!


In work news, I’m working on Christmas from 1:30-10 — I volunteered — and will be earning some excellent holiday pay. It’s a win/win situation. I also met a whole new group of people who work the same late shift as me and take dinner at the same time, so it’s a great new group of friends.

In life news, I visited a few apartments on Saturday. They were both in Somerville — one in Porter Square, one a short walk from Davis Square. One was okay, and other I absolutely LOVED. I hope it ends up working out. I’ll be meeting with the rest of the roommates next week.