To the former holder of position #1 on my car’s radio:

What can I say? I’ve loved your radio station for years. The greatest hits of the sixties and seventies have always put me in a good mood, whether I’m coasting down the highway with my friends and singing to disco on Saturday nights or sitting stuck in traffic, grooving in my seat to a little Motown. Nothing overjoyed me more when I was driving back from my overnight at Fairfield and it turned out to be 70s Soul Weekend, all weekend.

Granted, you’ve had your missteps. I’m not a fan of the morning show, and there’s a particularly large amount of commercials. But I forgive you. I even forgive you of your most egregious offense: playing “I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” a song from 1987.

However, you’ve crossed the line.

Why have you replaced your usual programming with entirely Christmas music, 24 hours a day? Even before Thanksgiving?! Some Christmas music can be nice — I’ve always loved Donny Hathaway’s “This Christmas” — but when you’re drawing from such a narrow genre for such an intense period of time, it’s more than oversaturation. I can’t stand it. And I don’t know how your DJs stand it.

In the meantime, I’ve replaced the #1 position on my car radio with Mike 93.7. And you know what? I kind of like it. They play everything. And they have no DJs.

I really hope that I don’t get to liking this station TOO much, though, because I’m planning on switching back to you after New Year’s. And when that happens, you’re on probation. You’re on very thin ice, Oldies 103.3. Don’t disappoint me.